ArtyCrafty stock watercolours and gouache from the leading suppliers such as Daler Rowney and Winsor and Newton plus the L'Aquarelle range from Sennelier as well as some sets of watercolours in budget ranges for those who need to be cost conscious. Watercolours are supplied either in tubes or half pans. In addition you will find the Derwent Line Painter pens which are water based.We stock water brushes and watercolour varnishes together with gum arabic and art masking fluid in bottles and specialist pens. For the mobile artist we have an extensive range of travel sets and watercolour pencils

  With products starting from as little as £1.00, (sometimes less with Special Offer Discounts!) we are confident we can provide something for everyone, whether you are a beginner, a student or a professional we aim to cater for all needs. In the event you have a special request then we will do all possible to source the item(s) and get them delivered as fast as possible.

Our stock is sourced from all the major manufacturers including, Daler Rowney, Winsor & Newton, Seawhite, Pro-Arte, Swann Morton, Hunky Dory, Pinflair, Bob Ross Anchor, DMC, Americana, Pebeo – the list is almost endless. In addition we import from around the World direct so you will always find items in stock not easily available elsewhere.

Art items will include oil paints and brushes together with the special oil mediums plus canvases of many, many sizes and easels to support them whilst you are painting. Acrylics and Watercolours in different sized containers and we carry the full range of colours from each of the manufacturers ranges.

Craft items are an enormous subject! So whilst we try our hardest to accommodate as many customers as possible, it is not humanly possible to carry every type of craft and every product within that craft. Our prices will start from under One Pound and we are always carrying stock of items and kits to suit the younger generation – anything to get them off the mobile and the X-Box!